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Biconsi Consultant – Survey – Design Enterprise was formerly the Consultant & Design Department directly under the management of Binh Duong Construction Consultant Investment Corporation. 

ð  It was founded on March, 2005 with the name Biconsi Consultant – Survey – Design 

      Enterprise by Binh Duong People’s Committee’s decision No.40/UB-KTTH, dated January 

      05, 2005 and the decision No.23/QĐ-Cty, dated March 23, 2005 of  Binh Duong Construction 

      Consultant Investment Corporation’s director. 

ð  During the past time Biconsi enterprise has accumulated lots of experience in working out 

      and managing various projects of  civil & industrial engineering, hydrology, water supply & 

      drainage system, medium-low-voltage electricity system. Its operational scope is in Binh 

      duong province and the whole country. 

ð  Biconsi enterprise has been taking part in the consultant services such as surveying, making 

      maps, planning and managing projects of industrial parks, residential areas;  designing, 

      making total estimate and supervising constructional works:  hydrology, traffic, water  supply 

      & drainage, power supply, civil & industrial engineering for various organizations, 

      companies, and individuals inside and outside Binh Duong province. 

ð  The enterprise’s main goal is to continuously improve and enhance its competence in fully 

      realizing all the functions of consultant, survey, and design in the construction field.        

ð  At present, Biconsi enterprise is making every effort to be one of the leading enterprises in 

       the fields of survey, consultant, and design in Binh Duong province.


Biconsi enterprise puts forward the policy of constantly improving the quality control system together with the set-up target of reaching the highest standards for consultant services on the following principles:   

ð     Putting the consultant into the position of the investor so that the consultant products can meet the requirements of quality, time, and effect in investment and exploitation. 

ð     Preparing to build up and apply the ISO 9000 quality control system in 2006. 

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